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Suntronic Circuits    -    PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS
The key to Suntronic Circuits  success and growth has been our investment in knowledgeable, experienced designers. Their knowledge of printed circuit board design and the related manufacturing processes assures Suntronic Circuits customers the most efficient, operational boards possible. Our knowledge and control of this vital aspect results in faster deliveries and a better quality product for our customers.
We have extensive knowledge and experience with the following technologies; Digital Circuits, Analog Circuits, Digital/Analog Mixed, High Power, RF and etc.
Suntronic Circuits      : Design Capabilities ::
                     Our capabilities ranging form through hole technology to fine pitch BGA technology. Our PCB’s designers implement special techniques on every single design. This ensures that your project will be of the highest possible quality, which in turn will keep your production costs low.
We will keep you informed of every steps, from part placement to final routing. A Soft & Hard copy of the designed PCB’s circuits will be returned upon completion. Please feel free to contact us if you have any design enquires.
  Suntronic Circuits    -    PCB REPAIR 

      Suntronic Circuits   is a leader in the repair services of component level repair of subassemblies for a wide range of electronics. We provide a one-source solution not just to fix your product, but to provide you with a long term partnership that can adapt to the needs of your company. We specialize in legacy, out of warranty and obsolete equipment. We can provide a variety of repair and engineering services customized to your specific requirements. We offer a wide range of services,enginering hardware and software,depot repair,end of life product support,inventory management, and industry specific customized programs.Our services are categorized by industry in which is used and product type.